Welcome to the KWCV Leverage Center. A KW City View solution to help you with your greatest needs during a real estate transaction. Let us be your leverage.




Our team will take the heavy lifting off the tasks you don't have the time to do. Services are inclusive from marketing all the way to submitting for compliance.

Optimize, manage, and run your business with unprecedented simplicity and insight.


More than a CRM, Command’s suite of interconnected tools help you connect with your clients in a targeted and meaningful way, supporting you from lead to close to lifetime client connections.


The KW App fuses client preferences with your expertise to keep your clients close at every step of the transaction and beyond.


Simply log in to Command to customize and launch your app. Then, collect valuable consumer insights and lay the groundwork for relationships that last a lifetime.


No matter where you are, put yourself in a productive learning environment. Keller Williams’ proprietary digital learning platform includes over 700 hours of live learning and customized curriculums from the best minds in the business.


Learn how you want to, when you want to.

Listing Managment



At Keller Williams, we believe technology exists to simplify everyday life, making room for what truly matters and giving you the freedom to be more human, more present – more everything.

Now, as home and business increasingly coexist and virtual life weaves itself into reality, you need a partner with the right tools, tech, and resources to help you maintain your business at the highest level – rain or shine. You’ll find that partner in Keller Williams.

Strength in Numbers

We measure our success by your success, letting the numbers speak for themselves. Keller Williams is the number one real estate franchise by agent count, closed units, and closed sales volume in the United States.

There is strength in numbers. So, in the face of a shifting market or industry disruption, make the choice to take a stand – on solid ground – with the number one real estate franchise company. We have what you need to do more and be more.

Expand your Reach

The Keller Williams model serves as a comprehensive framework that allows well-run businesses to create even bigger opportunities by scaling and building a dream team.


Reach new markets, then cross state and international borders, and expand beyond what you once thought possible.


WWW.LifeAtKWCV.com is our one stop shop for everything . Think of it as your office on the go! Access from your computer or mobile device.

#LifeAtKWCV is our motto, our culture, and our community. Come experience our warm and welcoming environment or what we like to call #LifeAtKWCV.

Our Leadership takes pride in offering you the best tools and support for your professional and personal goals.

Innovative. Disruptive. Agent First.

Join us – be a part of the vision and gain a trusted partner to stand by your side. We’re looking forward to welcoming you home.