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5x7 Challenge

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I have been reaching out to people that I have been out of touch with for quite a few years except for social media. This is what I have been sending them via text or social media direct mesaging. I start by saying hello then end with a personal comment about their most recent Facebook posts. I have been getting some very good responses and people are happy to hear from me directly. Since doing this challenge I have made time to reconnect with several friends and acquaintances. The results so far are: 1 signed listing agreement, currently working with 2 buyers, and others looking to buy throughout this year. Plug your own goals in and let people know. I hope this helps someone. If you haven't started doing the 5X7 challenge, just step out of your confort zone and do it for one week and see how it goes for you.

"I’m reaching out for your help today.  As you know, I’m a Real Eatate agent and I have a goal to help at least 20 families buy and/or sell their home this year. That goal will also allow me to send money for Christian summer camp scholarships for kids who would not otherwise be able to attend summer camp and hear about God’s word.

If you know anyone who is thinking about making a move this year, please keep me in mind.  I would love to help."

Letasha Gathecha


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