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5x7 Challenge

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Happy Tuesday/Day 2! Hope everything is going great so far. Wanted to share my very generic message I've essentially been copy/pasting as my opening text message + direct message conversations.

Feel free to adjust numbers based on your goals!

"Hey _______!! Hope your 2024 is off to a wonderful start! I’m sending out my real estate scholarship update to kickoff the new year:

We did 25 scholarships in 2023, so we are only 25 scholarships away from our goal of donating $25,000 to local seniors. I have 5 homes set to close in the coming months, so we just need 20 more sales this year! 😁😁

If you or any friends/family ever have any questions about buying or selling, please feel free to pass on my info!

Also— if you know of any amazing seniors (in San Antonio) that could use a scholarship, please nominate them at ❤️❤️"

(Then I send a copy of my business card).

Bonus tip: I've just been scrolling my friends list alphabetically and messaging friends who's numbers I don't have.

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