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Renew, Energize, and Donate on the week of 

May 09-13th 2022

At the heart of Keller Williams’ culture is our shared commitment to philanthropy. The immeasurable generosity of our team enables us to care for our own as well as our communities no matter the magnitude of what is needed.

#kwcvredweek     #kwredday

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May 9th

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Blood Drive

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May 10th

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Warehouse sorting and packing


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May 11th


Hygiene/Outdoor Painting

118 W Advogt
Boerne, Tx 78006

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May 12th

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Outdoor clean up or putting together coping kits

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May 13th

May 10th

Sharing and Caring along with KWCV is honoring our sweet Pam Neel’s life by raising funds to contribute to her 2 beautiful daughters education fund. Please come celebrate Pam with us, enjoy some BBQ , tell or listen to some stories and contribute thru Q-give to Sharing & Caring for Kylee & Reese’s Education Fund.

Red Day throwbacks